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Key deadline dates Hertfordshire County Council Elections 4 May 2017

Deadline for:Date:Time:
Registering to voteThursday 13th April 2017Midnight
Applying for/cancelling a postal/postal-proxy voteTuesday 18th April 20175pm
Applying for a proxy voteTuesday 25th April 20175pm
Applying for an emergency proxy voteThursday 4th May 20175pm
Re-issuing spoilt or lost postal voting packsThursday 4th May 20175pm
Date of last review: 17 March 2017

Hertfordshire County Council elections will be taking place throughout the whole of Hertfordshire. St Albans City and District Council will oversee the elections for the ten Hertfordshire County Council divisions in the district.

Date of last review: 29 March 2017

Please see below for information concerning current and upcoming elections as well as events.

Forthcoming Elections

If you are registered, you will receive a poll card shortly before the next election to tell you when and where you can cast your vote.

UK Parliamentary Elections and European Parliamentary Elections are held every 5 years.

Police and Crime Commissioner Elections, County Council and Parish Council Elections are held every 4 years.

District Council Elections are held 3 years out of a 4 year cycle. 

Please see below for future scheduled elections:

Year:Date of Election:Type of Election:
20174 May 2017County Council Elections
20183 May 2018District Council Elections
20192 May 2019European Parliamentary Elections
District Council Elections
Parish Council Elections

Date of last review: 13 April 2017

Statutory Notices

For notices relating to specific elections please refer to their dedicated page.

Please see below for current published notices:

Date of last review: 10 March 2016