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Date of last review: 25 May 2017

Hertfordshire is a safe place to live, but we need to accept that disasters will occasionally happen. When they do, many different agencies will be involved in the response as no single agency has all of the skills or resources needed.

It is crucial that these organisations have planned their response and that plans are coordinated to avoid confusion in the immediate aftermath of an incident.

St Albans City and District Council has an important role to play in an emergency in the district/borough.  We are committed to providing information and advice to our residents about any potential emergency.

Use these pages for advice and guidance with regard to potential emergencies, whether it is a major incident, severe weather or possible flu pandemic.
There is also advice here covering factors that you may not immediately think of – issues such as how you can prepare for emergencies, and recovering after an incident.

1) What is the Council's role in an emergency?
2) Emergency Contacts
3) Preparing for an Emergency 

Date of last review: 14 September 2017