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Service update - Monday 11 December

Because of the snow,  we expect there to be some disruption at sports and leisure centres this morning,  so it's best to check before you set out. See here for contact details

The 'Planning (Development Control) Committee North' meeting scheduled for this evening, has been cancelled.

For latest news about the Panto, please see the Alban Arena's Twitter feed. (There is no panto on Mondays.)

For latest news about the Christmas Market see  the St Albans Christmas Market Twitter feed. (The Christmas Market will be closed today.)

Hertfordshire County Council is responsible for gritting the roads.  Find information here.  Our District Council street cleaners are supporting HCC in their work today, and clearing snow and ice from priority pavement areas.

Find lots of useful information about services in the snow, including waste and recycling on our Snow page.

We will be clearing trees on the Alban Way as soon as possible.  Trees on the Highway are the responsibility of Herts County Council

On waste and recycling, we are going about business as usual.  Our policy is ...

Waste collection in icy weather

Contact the council

Further links and information relating to weather and service updates 

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Date of last review: 10 December 2017

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