Distraction burglars gain access to properties by deception. This form of burglary is particularly distressing for the victims, due to the fact that many of them have been befriended by or placed trust, in their doorstep caller.

Distraction burglary

Distraction burglary can happen to anyone but the elderly and vulnerable people are most often the vicitms of this type of crime. Hertfordshire Constabulary suggests the following crime prevention messages:

  • Think before you open the door. Always use your chain. Remember STOP, CHAIN, CHECK.
  • Be aware of anyone at your door. Never let strangers in.
  • If you are not expecting the caller, ask for proof of identity.
  • If you are in any doubt, do not let them in. “If in doubt keep them out!”
  • If you are worried or suspicious, call the police on 999.
  • Never part with any money or possessions at the door.

For further information on distraction burglary go to the Herts Constabulary website. In addition Doorstep Seller Beware stickers and Doorstep Selling - Know Your Rights leaflets are available from reception at the Civic Centre. 


Date of last review: 15 August 2017