Starting up a business

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This section includes information to help you starting up a business.

You may also wish to refer to the other business  sections on property, health and safety, licensing etc - all accessible from the business landing page.

St Albans Enterprise Agency (STANTA)

Offers business advice and has premises for small businesses with easy-in/easy-out licences

‘Starting your own Business’ e-learning tool

HM Revenue & Customs

FREE e-learning tool advises on the tax and National Insurance issues involved in starting your own business.

The package can be completed in bite-size pieces and covers subjects including:

  • Starting in business
  • Registering your self employment
  • What records should I keep?
  • What can I claim against my income?
  • VAT registration
  • Becoming an employer

The package includes learning checks and videos as well as links to further advice on YouTube and website. To start the tutorial, click here - Starting Your Own Business

Date of last review: 29 December 2014